Friday, June 16, 2006

Back at it

After 3 weeks away from the computer/internet, it looks like I haven't missed too much in the world of knit blogging. However, I have discovered a new pattern that I would love to make when it comes out. Perhaps another mini knitalong is in the future? I do hope I can find a cheaper yarn substitute - $15 a pop is a bit rich for my wallet (although it might only take two...).

I haven't been knitting in the last few days, and lately I have mostly been working on mindless washcloths. I have been using the vogue stitchionary to come up with new designs and basically make usable swatches. I am happy to be back home for several reasons, but having my knitting library and stash on hand is wonderful.

I did manage to take a few days off while down on the coast and hit the beach. Unfortunately the wind eventually drove us off every time.

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sweater girl said...

before i can even think about putting a new project on the list, i have a few to finish. but that top is, oh so cute! i will have to make one eventually.
5 days... til you're back in Sconnie