Friday, March 30, 2007

It must have been pirates

I got a mass email from someone who works in my department that went something like this:
There have been a few stolen wenches from Departmental trucks
in the parking lot within the past couple of days. Please
be aware and keep your vehicles locked! You may want to
write your serial numbers down from your wenches, etc.,
because the police will need this information if you do
have something stolen.
The question is, then, did she mean wench, as in a pirate wench???
Do wenches really come with serial numbers? At any rate, the pirates that have been stealing the wenches were probably just trying to retrieve what was rightfully theirs to begin with. I'm sure glad the local police are on the case of the stolen wenches. And how many wenches does the department have? I've never seen any around the building, maybe they just hide out in the trucks...
Or maybe she meant winch, as in that sweet device that rednecks put on their trucks in case they get stuck.

*this post was not intended to offend pirates, pirate wenches,
or rednecks who dig their sweet winches.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Library booty

After itunes recommended a Martin Scorsese presents the blues album, I looked at the online library catalogue to see if I could check it out. Turns out there is a book and a movie to go along with the cd(s). So I put them on my request list along with a few other items (including more bob dylan, and a paul newman vhs). I went to go pick up said items today and found that some new movies had come in so I got transamerica and madhot ballroom as well. I hope I can get great stuff like this in New Zealand (I hear that books are really expensive there and that there library systems are good...).

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

tan, not brown

I saw a red version of this sweater on a blog a while ago and when I found the blue sky alpacas pattern at kpixie, I snatched it up. Having no baby in mind, I started knitting the smallest size because it only called for one ball of blue sky organic cotton (which I had). However, after knitting the body, I was almost out of yarn. So for a long time it remained a trashy sleeveless baby sweater. Luckily stitchkommander came to the rescue and got me a second ball for xmas. So 3 months after that (which was probably 3 months after I started the thing), I finally finished the sleeves and stitched it together.

I haven't decided if I will gift it or squirrel it away in my stash for my own future munchkin.

Friday, March 16, 2007

brown on the brain

The poop brown socks are finally finished and have been gifted to my bro. The pattern I used was actually really easy (they could have been finished way sooner had I just worked on them). It was some free pattern off the interweave site, but I can't find it on there now (however, there is a thong pattern incase you have been searching for one and couldn't find one).

I had to make some adjustments to the sock pattern, the heel flap was written to be a stockinette flap and I wanted it to look better than that so I did the more common, k1, s1 and then purl on the wrong side. That probably has a name, but I don't know it. Also, if I ever made these again I would use a size smaller needle on the cuff (size 1 instead of 3) because the larger needle gauge seems like it makes it more likely to make a droopy sock top - nobody likes droopy sock tops. The rest of the sock is knit with a size 2 which makes it a quick(er) knit.

I think the yarn was this stuff from knit picks. I specifically chose this for my bro so he wouldn't have to worry about any hand washing.

Next up on the knitting list, a something green, and possibly something else brown... yeah yeah, I know I have an issue.

Friday, March 09, 2007

mmmm truffles

I got this delicious book from the library the other day and decided to make the easiest recipe: truffles. All I had to do was lightly boil cream, stir in some gourmet chocolate chips and let it cool in the fridge for a few hours. I toasted some hazelnuts, finely chopped them, made balls o' chocolate, and rolled them in the hazelnuts and cocoa powder. Mmmmm, they are so delicious.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


We had another beautiful snowfall on Tuesday.
Although it was cold, I strapped on my bionic legand snowshoesand headed down the trailI stopped to visit my favorite trees along the way.
Miss Hemlock:
and Mr White Pine:
During my trek, I listened to the snow fall and scared up a grouse.
My bionic leg did well and brought me back home safely.

Monday, March 05, 2007

F.O. Fo' Sho'

I finished the first side of this bag waaaay back last... May. Wow, I thought maybe last August, but I guess it was May, early May. Hmmm, well it only took me 10 months to knit the second side, weave in all the ends, sew it up, and felt it (the last 3 I did yesterday).

For the second side I knit the intarsia pattern in reverse so that the big green half-circles would match up. For the rest of the circles I switched up the colors, just for fun. There were lots of ends to trim after weaving them all in and stitchin' up all the holes. Instead of using the mattress stitch I sewed the sides together with a whip stitch. It was much quicker and appearance didn't matter since it was to be felted. So this long-term wip is finally finished. wwhhhew! I am happy with the outcome... now what shall I use it for?

I almost forgot! Because the two sides were knit at such different times, the guage was way off and not even close. The panel that I knit first was all pretty and tightly knit, while the second one was sloppy and knit very loosely - whoops. Once again, thankfully it was felted. I had to do some pulling and reshaping to get the sides to match, but I'm pretty sure you can't tell that there was a major size difference before it was shrunk!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


When I was in the twin cities, my cousin turned me on to this great npr station that recently started up there. They stream their broadcast over the internet for all to enjoy. It is called 89.3 the current.

It has been snowing here for four days now and the snow is really piling up. Unfortunately it is that really wet snow which makes everything slippery (well roads, driveways, sidewalks etc). Yesterday morning I had to pull my dad out of the snowbank (his truck and trailer anyway). It was a fun task to start the day with and only took a couple tries. Oh, and I made $5, yes!

As soon as I can kick this flu that has latched on to me for the last 5 days I am going to strap on my knee brace and snowshoes and head into the woods, I can't wait!