Friday, May 02, 2008

Baby Legwarmers

This pattern was inspired by some baby legwarmers my cousin's little boy had. She said they were the best thing to add an extra layer and keep her little one warm.


Yarn: Karabella aurora 4, colour 06, 100% extra fine merino wool
1 ball is enough to make a few pairs
Needles: US 3 circular (a longer length circular works best)

Size: Designed to fit a 2-3 month old baby. Pattern has ribbing on both ends so it can be easily cuffed if they are too big.

Pattern notes: I prefer to work the magic loop method when knitting in the round (on small items like this), but if you would rather work with double points or the 2 circular needle method, it is easily transferable.
I learned how to use the magic loop method from here, but knitting help has a video too.


Cuff: CO 32 stitches
Divide sts evenly between the 2 needles.
Join to begin working in the round, careful not to twist.

k2, p2 rib, repeat for 2.5 inches
work stockinette for 2 inches
next round, increase 4 stitches evenly across (k8, inc 1, repeat 4 times)
work stockinette for 0.5 inch
next round, increase 4 stitches evenly across
work stockinette for 0.5 inch (there should be a total of 3 inches stockinette now)
work k2, p2 rib for 2 inches
bind off (loosely)

Make second legwarmer exactly the same.

photo cred goes to sweatergirl, props for making the model too :D

*this pattern has now been added as a free pdf download on ravelry


maepress said...

eek! So cute!! (and the legwarmers too!)

Anonymous said...

Too cute for words.

Anonymous said...

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Justin and Kate Mills said...

I just found these on Ravelry as I'm looking to knit some legwarmers now that it's getting cold. We have some Baby Legs ones that someone gave us as a gift but don't want to pay for more. Anyway, I was looking at your blog title in Ravelry and I thought it was "I knit that s*it" haha. Just thought I'd share because it made me laugh out loud. :)