Wednesday, May 14, 2008

license to mac (probably lost on those not haling from lincoln high)

I've been trying to upload this photo for 3 days now! My little macbook is a bit cranky these days. I tried to 'repair the disk' but apparently need my 'startup disk' to do so... I don't think I have seen my startup disk since I pulled this puppy out of the box. Mom, I'm guessing it is in your basement somewhere. If you come across it, please send it in the next load ;) There aren't a whole lot of maccers around here and 2/3 of the ones I know are on 'baby leave' at the moment (and the other one does not have the disk). So it may be a while before my mac is running a full speed again. 

On the other hand, my knitting is revving back up to full speed again and I am nearly finished with the palette scarf. In fact after I finish this post I am going to knit the last few rows and bind off so I can wear it tomorrow.

... and knit.


MadGator said...

HA HA HA...I told you.

ily said...

told me what? that'd i'd forget my install disk??? Well I'm getting a newer version of os x for free so :-P

MadGator said...

Ahhh the leopard cometh... truth be told at this point I'd gladly trade any puter I have for a Mac.

ily said...

Ha Ha, you know about (and like) mac stuff! Leopard cometh tonight :D