Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hurray!!! Hurray!!!

The yarn I ordered over 2 weeks ago, that made it here, was sent all the way back to Reno (for an incorrect address!!??), well, it finally made it to my very own, very small apartment. Hurray!!! It is all DK weight - for making socks, but now that I got I am thinking of other things to do with it... The karabella aurora 4 is unbelievably soft and has a little stretch to it, the debbie bliss cotton cashmere looks like it might separate, but make good socks all the same, and the 'cloud' rowan soft baby looks more like something one should use to make a baby gift than it did online. I'm thinking of making my first pair o' socks with the debbie bliss (I may use the others for something else).

Although my second size 1 turbo has yet to arrive (grrrrrrrr), I think I will try the double magic loop method with my extra long size 3 turbo. I just have to work up the nerve (and find the time) to try it.

Last night I started a cute little baby bootie from last minute knitted gifts. A co-worker just had a baby girl and she needs some cute little booties. They are great because they knit up really quick and have that great square toe. If I have time I will finish this one and the other one tonight, but I have a movie double date to see Brokeback Mountain, oh are the boys excited to see that one.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

mittens and toys, mittens and toys

Saturday was filled with shopping. A stop at a chain craft store with a sale on yarn and knitting accessories left me wanting for a small, uncrowded lys. Unfortunately the lys closes early on Saturdays and after somewhat involved stops at 2 more stores we were all tuckered out. That and we needed to get back to get to a Chinese New Year Celebration. But I got some new needles and yarn for more toys and mittens... it appears I have got some themes going, two to be exact.

The yarn purchase included some brown chunky that I used to make my brother a pair of mittens with. He will wish that I would have lined them with something extra warm for those Wisconsin winters, but I really hate figuring out how to line knitted items I create. He will just have to use them when he is not going to be directly exposed to cold winds.

I used the same pattern for the bro's mitts as I did for my green ones, with some amendments. I ribbed the cuff - for a more secure fit and I also made some adjustments to the suggested thumb gusset and length, as well as the hand length. It seems like that pattern was made for really big cozy mittens, but the proportions seemed to be off just a bit - so I tweaked it.

Why is it that I can't seem to do a pattern without tweaking it, I am trying to think if there is a project I have completed where I didn't make/wish I had made some amendments. Ah, the search for the perfect pattern continues.

(skater girl is pictured above sporting my "bow" hat by pick up sticks and the knitted toys)

Friday, January 27, 2006

what next...

I finished the other mitten, during the OC, as promised. I would post a picture, but really it looks the same as the other one. I am thinking of putting some embroidered flowers on them for a little character. Plus I love embroidering. I must hang my head at my first mittens compared to the madisonienne's first mittens. That girl can put me to shame...

That's about all that is new on my knitting front. I am looking forward to shopping for yarns tomorrow. Hopefully it will inspire me to create something great.

This pic is of some toddler socks I created for my little friend Nina. I didn't have a pattern for the size of her foot so I made one up from the little experience I have from sock knitting. I must say i really liked the colors of the selfstriping yarn. Word is that she like them so much she created a sock song. Ah to be able to inspire young minds.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

mitten kitten

I have successfully made my first mitten! Hurray! Living in the south, there isn't much need for mittens and I already have at least 3 pairs from living in the cold north, so I haven't had the need to knit mittens, but the want got to me. I used this really easy and fast pattern in Weekend Knits .

I knit this first mitten up last night in no time at all. I used some cheapo lion brand chunky yarn - just to be sure this pattern was a winner before I invested in some good stuff. I'm thinking if I do this pattern again that I will make a cable on the top of the mitten, just to give it a little character.

One of the women at the stitch and bitch last night said it looked like an oven mitt. I do admit that it lacks luster and shaping, but I wouldn't want to use it as an oven mitt -ouch! Anyway, I have made a mitten and she hasn't so there! A better comment I got was that I should put some eyes and a mouth on it. I think this is a great idea, but I'm pretty sure it won't happen.

I will finish the other mitten while I watch the OC this evening. Looks like some drama is going to unfold tonight, but it always does, ahh life in the OC.

This weekend I am headed to the not so LYS's to shop a few sales. Not exactly sure what I am shopping for and considering my budget (very small) I hope I don't come home with too much, but I don't have too many projects on my needles (hmmm, I do have a few shipments in transit...) But can I ever be satiated with the amount of yarn in my apartment? I think you know the answer to that.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I just finished up with bunny. I haven't come up with a more creative name for her yet, so if you have any suggestions let me know. I have made a few toys in my day, but this one is the most creative, patternwise and visually. I had fun making her and and I think this is the first toy that I am going to keep for myself. The only thing lacking is a bunny tail, that is easily enough amended with a tiny pom pom. I have yet to do this for lack of a tiny pom pom maker...

The pattern is available from Jess on her blog. She makes lots of sweet toys/patterns. I like her placement of the eyes better, I'll try harder to place the eyes wider next time I make one of her patterns. The thing is, I embroidered the face and embroidery is defineately not my strong point. After I finished adding them I knew that I had place them too close, but I didn't want to rip both of them out to widen them because it was hard enough the first time, ah the trials of a lazy embroiderer...

My second favorite toy is ele, she is a beautiful elephant, although i am not sure if she is african or asian. She is from a pattern out of the Last minute Knitted Gifts book by Joelle Hoverson.
This book has a lot of good patterns. I still want to make the hour glass sweater which i believe there is a knit along for. hmmmm....

I'm off to compile some knitting goods for a local stitch and bitch!

yet another knitting blog...

I find myself obsessed with reading all of my favorite blogs, which for the most part pertain to knitting. I waste so much time during the day reading them that I have decided to waste even more time on the topic by starting my very own (smart thinking on my part, I'm sure I'll get even more work done, work that I currently put off for all things knitting).
This is a very short post due to the fact that I have no pics of my latest project to post and well reading about projects without a visual reference just isn't fun. So until I have some pics...