Thursday, January 26, 2006

mitten kitten

I have successfully made my first mitten! Hurray! Living in the south, there isn't much need for mittens and I already have at least 3 pairs from living in the cold north, so I haven't had the need to knit mittens, but the want got to me. I used this really easy and fast pattern in Weekend Knits .

I knit this first mitten up last night in no time at all. I used some cheapo lion brand chunky yarn - just to be sure this pattern was a winner before I invested in some good stuff. I'm thinking if I do this pattern again that I will make a cable on the top of the mitten, just to give it a little character.

One of the women at the stitch and bitch last night said it looked like an oven mitt. I do admit that it lacks luster and shaping, but I wouldn't want to use it as an oven mitt -ouch! Anyway, I have made a mitten and she hasn't so there! A better comment I got was that I should put some eyes and a mouth on it. I think this is a great idea, but I'm pretty sure it won't happen.

I will finish the other mitten while I watch the OC this evening. Looks like some drama is going to unfold tonight, but it always does, ahh life in the OC.

This weekend I am headed to the not so LYS's to shop a few sales. Not exactly sure what I am shopping for and considering my budget (very small) I hope I don't come home with too much, but I don't have too many projects on my needles (hmmm, I do have a few shipments in transit...) But can I ever be satiated with the amount of yarn in my apartment? I think you know the answer to that.


sanne said...

you tool. when did you start a blog? are you sending the mitten to kiki? it will match her hat.

i knit, that's it said...

it isn't quite as bright as the hat, it is more bamboo colored or something. plus the wind is windy there and this gauge is pretty big. i might just have to keep them ;P