Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hurray!!! Hurray!!!

The yarn I ordered over 2 weeks ago, that made it here, was sent all the way back to Reno (for an incorrect address!!??), well, it finally made it to my very own, very small apartment. Hurray!!! It is all DK weight - for making socks, but now that I got I am thinking of other things to do with it... The karabella aurora 4 is unbelievably soft and has a little stretch to it, the debbie bliss cotton cashmere looks like it might separate, but make good socks all the same, and the 'cloud' rowan soft baby looks more like something one should use to make a baby gift than it did online. I'm thinking of making my first pair o' socks with the debbie bliss (I may use the others for something else).

Although my second size 1 turbo has yet to arrive (grrrrrrrr), I think I will try the double magic loop method with my extra long size 3 turbo. I just have to work up the nerve (and find the time) to try it.

Last night I started a cute little baby bootie from last minute knitted gifts. A co-worker just had a baby girl and she needs some cute little booties. They are great because they knit up really quick and have that great square toe. If I have time I will finish this one and the other one tonight, but I have a movie double date to see Brokeback Mountain, oh are the boys excited to see that one.


StitchKommander said...

mmmmmmm, yummy yarn. I know you must be happy.

the nut said...

Hey there. I'm a obsessed knitter, too, and can't seem to have enough yarn in my possesion. (nor spell it)

I really like that bootie pattern, where'd you find it? I know of no one on the procreating end yet, but I've been making a bunch of stuff to donate to various charities so they can sell them and make some money. I think these would be a cute addition to that stash! So, mind if I steal the pattern from you?

My blog is mostly about politics, but every once in a while I put knitting up there (the toddler sweater I'm knitting will be up there soon when I'm actually done with it, ;).