Monday, May 05, 2008

garden... finished?

garden... finished?
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The weekend hail storm didn't finish the garden, but the frost over the last two nights certainly has! Yesterday we scavenged the garden and harvested what we could. However other things didn't make it. Good-bye lettuce, good-bye spinach, good-bye basil (I think he took it the hardest), good-bye brussel sprouts (that never produced). The cilantro and green onions are still hanging in there, but I doubt that will last much longer if these cold temps keep up. Last night it got down to -3 C, 26 F (that is cold for people in a country without double glazed windows or insulation or central heating...)

On a positive note, all this cold weather has got me a knitten with some New Zealand merino wool - oooohhh so soft. I need many more hats and scarves!

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