Wednesday, May 14, 2008

(old) gossip in the knitting community (gasp!)

As I have mentioned, I have been on a knitting streak lately. Thus I have been collecting patterns and adding them to my 'to knit' queue. Tonight I decided to stop by magknits. To my great surprise, it was not working and there was a cryptic little email address instead of knitting patterns. You see magknits was always there for a wwwandering knitter. Every month there were new patterns. The quality and layout wasn't as good as those found on knitty (which is only updated 4 times/year), but there were a few gems, like the jaywalker socks. Anywho I guess some unhappy knitters were trash talking the woman that ran the page on a forum called ravelry (which coincidentally I recently joined), so much that the woman up and closed the thing! She had hinted in the past that magknits wasn't going to be around for the long haul, but apparently too much trash talk on an open forum was the straw that broke the camels back. Gossip on the subject can be found here. Oh and this happened over a month ago so needless to say I'm not really on top of knitting gossip. I'm not even good at being a knitting nerd...

And because I am currently rocking out to the ramones, I have added their pic. Oh and I am enjoying a delicious G&T in celebration of finishing my scarf! 


Genuine said...

Well, I'm not even sure that it had to do with 'trash talk' as it did with legitimate complaints about her business. Most people, I think, were more upset about the fact that she seemed to be closing it down in retaliation for people who had legitimate complaints about her other business.

However, it's sad to see it go. I'm currently knitting two Magknits patterns, so, it was definitely a resource while it was around.

ily said...

I wasn't insinuating that the trashing wasn't warranted, as it can be quite annoying when you pay for a pattern and then it turns out to be majorly flawed.
I'm glad I printed out all of the patterns I liked and put them in my (anally) organized little (big) binder. And I am sad that yet another useful or maybe sometimes just entertaining or baffling knitting site has bitten the dust (RIP YKW).

maepress said...

I'd like to see more online sites like them. I wasn't a big fan of magknits, but it's kind-of sad to hear that it went out like that. I hate to think of people having hard feelings about it.
Anyway, I want to see that list!! (of to-be knitted items) I'm well out of knitting season here, so it's fun to live vicariously! And congrats on finishing the scarf!