Monday, May 08, 2006

side one, finally done.

This weekend I set aside the green gable, mostly out of frustration. Instead, I put some time into the wobbly circles tote and was able to finish the first side. The pattern says to make two of the same side, but I am thinking about making my own circular designs on the other side. We will see if I have the motivation if/when I get to it. I also worked on the beaded rib socks, but when I got to the short row heel, I wasn't understanding the directions and decided that after I read up on some tips/other directions I would finish it up. I am thinking about doing an afterthought heel.

Other than the small amount of knitting, I did a little shopping at a local used book store and was able to score the vogue knitting stitchionary for half price (yeah!). I also got some summer reading books including Breakfast at Tiffany's, which I read this weekend, and Islands in the Stream (Hemingway).

Saturday night, resulted in me consuming more than my fair share of bombay sapphire which made my Sunday more of a relaxation day than I originally intended. A leisurely trip to target resulted in some new placemats, a new shower curtain and some necessities. I resisted the weak urge to stop at Michael's. I have become a yarn snob, and more expensive yarn is all I crave. So I will scrimp and save and only make small things out of nice yarn because that is all I can afford.


Kat said...

Oh wow! That looks so great! I will be excited to see your other side!

StitchKommander said...

yay, congrats-
I really like your picture.