Monday, May 01, 2006

W.I.P. update

Now that the semester is FINALLY over I have been able to relax a little bit. I took a three day weekend. My last class ended 4:30 on Thursday and I promptly went to the bar with my classmates to celebrate. It was a beautiful afternoon and we downed a few pitchers of sierra nevada as the sun moved lower in the sky. Friday I spent the better part of the day cleaning my house (most things hadn't been cleaned in almost a month I am sure). It still isn't that tidy, but I can rest assure that it is clean.

On Saturday blue and I headed over to the greater Atlanta area to hit up the closest REI. We ended up with a few tidbits from there (I got a new nalgene cover and successfully converted my green nalgene into a packer nalgene - go pack). On the way home we stopped by the outlet stores that are clearly visible from the highway. My favorite store is the banana republic outlet - I can't afford and don't usually like banana republic clothes, but the outlet, I love it! I got some new cords and a couple of shirts (thanks blue). When we got home we watched Hustle and Flow, it was really good - thanks for the suggestion stitchkommander.

Now Sunday morning was probably the most excitement I had all weekend, and no I didn't go to church. Megan and I headed over to "the jockey lot" it is a gigantic flea market, basically a maze of connected pole sheds. There were chicks, ducks, bunnies, goats, wild turkeys, puppies, hot boiled peanuts, fresh donuts, rugs, shoes, furniture, tractors, cherry pickers, oh the list goes on and on. I picked up a few albums (yes, vinyl), a hiking book, fresh tortillas, and some hot boiled peanuts. What an event, I am making blue go next time even if he wants to fight me on it.

Oh, an update on the WIPS; I finished the IW lace socks and gave them to stitchkommander as a going away present. I finished the jaywalkers and I have been trying to wear them before it gets too hot here. I started a new pair of socks, a beaded rib - starting from the toe up. I am also almost finished with the first side of the wobbly tote. I have not received my yarn for the green gable yet, I don't even think it has been shipped and I ordered it a week and half ago, oh how I long for an lys... I think that is a pretty good update. Now that classes are over I should be able to knit more and write about it more - hurray!

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sweater girl said...

if you had red shoes on you could be the wicked witch!