Thursday, May 11, 2006


Last night the local knitters gathered for the ever needed communal knitting. The woman who hosted mentioned thoughts of opening a local yarn shop. I am soooo excited about the idea of not having to order EVERYTHING online (or drive an hour for a poor selection). I hope it comes to fruition. She asked me what kind of yarn I would like to see in a local shop which I have been thinking about ever since.

Yarn I like:
Beracco, foliage
Brown sheep, lamb's pride has a lovely luster and sheen
Cascade, 220 is wonderful, felted or not
Cherry tree hill, merino sock yarn
Karabella, aurora 4 &8, smooth and stretchy
Patons, classic wool, cheap colorful and feltable yarn (smelly though)
Plymouth, sockotta
Regia, striped sock yarn
Rowan, everything I have used was great

Yarn I haven't tried, but think I would like:
Blue Sky Alpacas
Lorna's laces
Manos del Uruguay
anything handspun/dyed

addi turbos, they are the best
inox circulars make an alright cheap substitute
crystal palace, straight and circular are both nice
clovers are a good cheap subsitute
brittany, I like their double points
lattern moon, they are pretty, but I can't afford them

That is the list for now, I may think of more throughout the day.

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Anonymous said...

Lorna's Laces is REALLY beautiful. It's soft and works up very nicely. Hope you'll give it a try.