Saturday, March 03, 2007


When I was in the twin cities, my cousin turned me on to this great npr station that recently started up there. They stream their broadcast over the internet for all to enjoy. It is called 89.3 the current.

It has been snowing here for four days now and the snow is really piling up. Unfortunately it is that really wet snow which makes everything slippery (well roads, driveways, sidewalks etc). Yesterday morning I had to pull my dad out of the snowbank (his truck and trailer anyway). It was a fun task to start the day with and only took a couple tries. Oh, and I made $5, yes!

As soon as I can kick this flu that has latched on to me for the last 5 days I am going to strap on my knee brace and snowshoes and head into the woods, I can't wait!


thelizabeff said...

wow, that radio station IS rad. thanks for the tip, smarty-pants.s

i knit, that's it said...

glad you likey :D