Tuesday, February 27, 2007

blogger, shmogger; snow shmow

What's up with the updated blogger? It is supposed to be easier, but I can't figure out how (or where in the template) to add things with html code. Mainly I would like to add my flickr badge back in. Anyone know how to do that? Other than that I have made a few small updates to the blog appearance...(not very exciting stuff)

This weekend I went to the Twin Cities. The plan was to meet Blue (who was riding with a friend), and for us all to attend another friend's wedding. Unfortunately, the crazy winter storm prohibited travel starting late friday night (I headed over friday afternoon).
Another twist occurred; the friend I planned to stay with had a baby Friday evening (contractions started that morning). She wasn't due for another week, but they arrive when they want to. So I called up my cousin and arranged to stay with her and her family. I had a great time there, they fed me the best food and I got to play with their adorable baby the whole time.

I went to the hospital on Saturday (before the wedding) to check out the newborn. She was really cute (surprisingly- they usually just aren't that cute). Then I attended the wedding, stag. It was fun and nice to see old friends. There was no dancing for me, even if I had someone to dance with, I am pretty sure the new knee isn't up for it quite yet. I called it an early evening and headed back to my cousins, the accumulating snow made the drive back to my cousin's long and treacherous.

On a knitting note, a few petite gifts were given to the babies - small socks, little square booties, and a hat.
(delicious cream puffs made by my cousin's husband, photo by one of them)


i knit, that's it said...

I figured out how to add html code objects, guess that makes me a genius!

Anonymous said...

Do you have the pattern for the little square booties and are you willing to share?
in Helsinki