Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Windy City, and then some

This weekend was spent in Chicago. I had a friend who needed to be visited and my little sister had a graduate school audition at Roosevelt University, so we combined the two. Saturday afternoon we went to the Museum of Science and Industry and viewed the Body World 2 exhibit. It was about what I expected, very interesting and a little disturbing. The skin and skin with hair on it were really the worst for me.

The weather in Chicago this weekend was atrocious, it was below zero and there were wind gusts up to 4o mph. Because we spent quite a bit of time downtown, the full force of the wind and cold were fully grasped. The natural elements also helped to kick in a lovely cold+fever that I think could have been fought off otherwise.

The chilling temperatures also occurred in Madison (and all over Wisconsin) which contributed to the temporary immobilization of my vehicle, but after some heet, gas, jump #1, lots of time, and jump #2, it started again and I was able to drive home today. With a little more rest and some knitting we should both be up to full strength in no time.

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