Monday, January 29, 2007


I totally missed my bloggiversary last week (Jan 25)... it just didn't seem like I have been doing this blog thing for a year!

Over the weekend I went up even further north to my parents' cabin. It was beautiful and snowy, that area of the state has the deepest snow base and the snowmobiling is ever so popular. We didn't do too much, had some bloody mary's, went to a party at a bar, watched a movie, you know cabinesque activities.

Last night when we returned home I finally started on the second half of the wobbly circles tote and got about half way through with it. That means I only have .25 left to knit, but then there is lots and lots of end weaving in and the sewing of the sides which always takes me forever to get to, but not too long to complete once I finally set my mind to it.

Last week the snow and cold were just so and made the trees look like they were covered in spray-on snow. I liked it very much.


Anonymous said...


(Happy Belated Bloggiversary)

StitchKommander said...

It really really doesn't seem like that long! Cabin stuff sounds so nice...
Finish that tote! I have faith in you!!