Monday, January 08, 2007

More knitting in nature

While I was in Madison I picked up some alpaca/wool yarn for a scarf, hat, and mittens for myself. Unable to decide on a scarf pattern and unwilling to make up my envisioned hat pattern, I decided to start with the target wave mittens that I always thought were cute. Unfortunately, the child's large fits my dad (not me) and they just aren't as cute as the ones the little girl has on.

After making one I decided to move on to a new project, the hat. Half way through my made-up pattern I realized that it is going to be too big. No, I didn't do a gauge swatch- every time I try to, it ends up being off anyway, so generally I make it a rule not to swatch. Being disheartened and not in the mood to frog, I started on a snowman pattern in the Winter Knits Kit. It has turned out pretty cute and only needs a few finishing touches.

The scarf pattern that I think I have decided on is from the Winter Knits Kit too. It is a simple ribbed pattern with some striping on either end.

Blue and I have been up at my parent's house in northern Wisco for the last week and have been enjoying my family, the snow, and the chilly weather. Today both of my sister's went back to their various school locations, so the house is suddenly much more quiet. Fortunately, we still have whiskers to harass.

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StitchKommander said...

That's a bummer about the mittens, it's such a cute design. Show us the snowman!