Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Blue and I were across the state on VD, but exchanged a few items the next evening while we drank some delicious Zin and enjoyed each others company. He got me the most exquisite and well presented chocolates I have ever seen (or tasted) from Candinas, a small chocolatier in Verona, WI. I just had the chocolate raspberry truffle, mmmm.

I made him a few toys, the scotty dog, and a cow (or bull) finger puppet (Last year he got the burro). These little finger puppets are cute, and although not really that technically difficult to make, they are challenging due to their inherent smallness. So although blue's most prized knitted items are toys, he only gets them on special occasions. There are 10 finger puppet patterns (I think) in the Weekend Knits book, I only have 8 left... (maybe 8 more vdays will do it)


Renee said...

I found your blog through a friend of a friend... just wanted to say that I adore Candinas chocolates!!!(and knitting, of course!)

stitchkommander said...

I love the new puppet!! how nice that the burro got a friend for V-day.

thelizabeff said...

Your puppets' cuteness is only surpassed by your own, my darling dear.

I can still only knit rectangles. FYI.