Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Things that made me laugh today

- after i got to the dentist this morning, i noticed my new coat still had the tags on it- oops :)

- thinking about a story my mom told me this weekend about a drunken trip to a brewer's game that had many hilarious twists and turns but the kicker was that on the way home, shortly after making bedroom voices to truckers on the cb, her best friend got sick. So they pulled over and she ended up misjudging her step and rolling, head over heel, down a steep and tall embankment (the bf, not my mom), oh it still kills me.

- yoga, and trying to do the splits... and seeing that only 2 people in the room are even remotely close

- a story i read a couple weeks ago about yoga and being banned from gyms because farting is still funny ( crazy aunt purl), it keeps making me laugh, especially when people start snoring during relaxation at class

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Latoya said...

The scottie is cute. I'm sure that it was a welcomed gift.

Knit on!