Friday, March 30, 2007

It must have been pirates

I got a mass email from someone who works in my department that went something like this:
There have been a few stolen wenches from Departmental trucks
in the parking lot within the past couple of days. Please
be aware and keep your vehicles locked! You may want to
write your serial numbers down from your wenches, etc.,
because the police will need this information if you do
have something stolen.
The question is, then, did she mean wench, as in a pirate wench???
Do wenches really come with serial numbers? At any rate, the pirates that have been stealing the wenches were probably just trying to retrieve what was rightfully theirs to begin with. I'm sure glad the local police are on the case of the stolen wenches. And how many wenches does the department have? I've never seen any around the building, maybe they just hide out in the trucks...
Or maybe she meant winch, as in that sweet device that rednecks put on their trucks in case they get stuck.

*this post was not intended to offend pirates, pirate wenches,
or rednecks who dig their sweet winches.

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