Monday, March 05, 2007

F.O. Fo' Sho'

I finished the first side of this bag waaaay back last... May. Wow, I thought maybe last August, but I guess it was May, early May. Hmmm, well it only took me 10 months to knit the second side, weave in all the ends, sew it up, and felt it (the last 3 I did yesterday).

For the second side I knit the intarsia pattern in reverse so that the big green half-circles would match up. For the rest of the circles I switched up the colors, just for fun. There were lots of ends to trim after weaving them all in and stitchin' up all the holes. Instead of using the mattress stitch I sewed the sides together with a whip stitch. It was much quicker and appearance didn't matter since it was to be felted. So this long-term wip is finally finished. wwhhhew! I am happy with the outcome... now what shall I use it for?

I almost forgot! Because the two sides were knit at such different times, the guage was way off and not even close. The panel that I knit first was all pretty and tightly knit, while the second one was sloppy and knit very loosely - whoops. Once again, thankfully it was felted. I had to do some pulling and reshaping to get the sides to match, but I'm pretty sure you can't tell that there was a major size difference before it was shrunk!

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stitchkommander said...

fantabulous! Beautiferous! georgiosity! splendiferous! congratulations!