Wednesday, March 21, 2007

tan, not brown

I saw a red version of this sweater on a blog a while ago and when I found the blue sky alpacas pattern at kpixie, I snatched it up. Having no baby in mind, I started knitting the smallest size because it only called for one ball of blue sky organic cotton (which I had). However, after knitting the body, I was almost out of yarn. So for a long time it remained a trashy sleeveless baby sweater. Luckily stitchkommander came to the rescue and got me a second ball for xmas. So 3 months after that (which was probably 3 months after I started the thing), I finally finished the sleeves and stitched it together.

I haven't decided if I will gift it or squirrel it away in my stash for my own future munchkin.


elizardbeth said...

LOL! If I ever have baby, you MUST knit me a trashy sleeveless baby sweater.

i knit, that's it said...

oh, you're on!

stitchkommander said...

it's very sweet-looking now, when you do have a baby they're going to be hooked up!