Sunday, November 12, 2006

Children I will never meet

I have had a few requests lately to knit baby gifts for friends that have friends having babies. For the first item, I opted to put the finishing touches on a bunny (previously named sally) that I made several months ago. She now has a tail and a scarf and is going to Chicago soon. I believe I will be receiving a print in the mail in exchange for this one???

The other item I whipped up this weekend and it was fun to figure out. Somehow I have avoided making anything with a basket-weave pattern until now (which is kinda weird because I have always liked it). Decreasing in the pattern gave me the most to think about, but after a little internet searching and minimal frogging I got it down and am happy with the outcome. This item has already been traded for one frontline treatment for Mabes and a series of not so magnetic magnets.

1 comment:

StitchKommander said...

boo hoo- we'll miss you sally!
Her tail looks adorable tho'
I like that you did the basketweave all the way to the bottom- (mine has ribbing) it looks good that way.