Saturday, April 28, 2007

The week I have been waiting for

Events that I have been waiting for (for about four months) have finally transpired this week. After many trials and tribulations with various governments and governmental agencies, blue and I have finally received our work visas to go to New Zealand. So we finally started packing and are trying to tie up all loose ends here (which is still overwhelming even though I have been trying to work on that for the last 4 months). Blue just booked our flight today and we are flying out of Chicago on Saturday which means that we will get to NZ Monday morning.

One of the major loose ends that I have successfully tied up is finishing my thesis. Hurray I am a Master, a master of science!!! I am still working on formatting changes, which is a task I would not wish on anyone. There are so many little nit picky things that are a huge pain, mostly because word is stupid. But I hope to send in my last version tomorrow (but it probably still won't be right and they will send it back to me again...).

My mom also came down with pneumonia this week so I have been playing nurse and errand runner for her. She is finally feeling good enough to get out of bed today, she had quite a few rough days at the beginning of the week, poor mom. I was pretty relieved when her fever finally broke.

So, yeah, this week has been busy and stressful which is why all of my resent posts are just little blurbs. And I will most likely be really busy packing and settling into NZ for the next few weeks. However, I will have lots of time on the plane to knit :D Today was the first warm day all week so mom, kitty and I sat outside and watched the chipmunks.

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Kirsten said...

miss you already!