Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Happy Box Day to Me!

hurray!, originally uploaded by mmm gin.

Hurray Hurray! Two very special packages arrived today. The first being our 'entertainment system.' We can finally listen to the radio and watch dvds! (not to mention listen to music loud and clear - no more laptop speakers or headphones!)

The second package is just as, if not more important. It is from my mom :D (and sisters). It had lots of clothes (thanks kiki and rache - I finally used my giftcard ;) It also included a bunch of toiletries (that are much less expensive back home), my wedding shoes (hurray!) and a bunch of mail (that I probably won't read). Hurray for packages full of goodies!!!


beth said...

glad you got the package!

maepress said...

nice system-
we rented Flight of the Conchords first season and I'm so obsessed with it that I've been dreaming that topher and I are in New Zeland!

Ps- I finally posted a halloween pic on me blog