Tuesday, April 22, 2008

needles, of the nonknitting variety

Last week all (most) of us staffers at work went to the student health services and got our flu shot. It was weird getting a flu shot in spring, but it isn't spring at all. It's fall and feeling more and more like winter, which is depressing. The days are so short now. It's 5:30 now and already dusk! But back to the flu shot... So the department shouted (they say that here when someone else picks up the bill :) the shots for the staff (at the STUDENT health center), but per usual left the students to fend for themselves. Not that blue would get one anyway, but the fact that the benefits offered to the student's at the university seem to be continually downsizing is disconserting. I haven't been here long enough to know if conditions were ever that great for the students; all I know is they are way worse than they were in so' cacalaca (aka south carolina). That being said, the support from professors is way better. 

Moving right along to nonknitting needle number two. I got acupuncture today! I've had an issue with my hip ever since I slipped on some ice and gave myself the bruise of a lifetime. After several bouts of physio (aka physical therapy) both in the U.S. and here, it still ails me. So I decided to try something new. It was pretty interesting, but not scary at all. The needles were very small, I didn't feel them go in. He then sent electrical pulses through them to loosen up deep tissue (electro-acupuncture). It was a relatively relaxing experience and I hope it helps. So far it feels a little better...

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