Monday, November 03, 2008

Big Smiles!

I'm so excited I came home to not one, but two packages today. I was expecting one this week (from a swap) with surprise spinning items in it, but I was not expecting the other (with surprise spinning items in it!). I'm such a lucky girl.
Sweatergirl rocked my stash with some roving she didn't quite get around to spinning up. I think the blue and white are both bfl and the brown might be romney.
another surprise packag from sanne!
The package also came with some paintings by an aspiring artist ;-) and lots of photos of munchkins that I miss! Oh and cheetos mmmmm cheetos, spicy cheetos (which are unobtainable here).
AND THEN I got this from a fiber swap I'm taking part in! More hand-dyed bfl and lots of extra goodies including handspun singles and a super bad-as* button! What to do with that button? On a bag? On a hat? Top of a cardigan? I'm sure I'll find the perfect use fore it, but it may take a bit of searching/serendipity.

swap package unwrapped


maepress said...
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maepress said...

Sorry, I had to remove the comment because the link I put it didn't work. There's a really cute hat pattern on ravelry that uses a big button, it's called the robin's egg blue hat.

ily said...

Oh I think I've seen it... I'll have to check it out, but this button is HUGE!!! It might make my head look small. ;-)

Stell said...

oooo lucky - can I have your mailbox please, seriously, i want fiber to appear in my box as well. Nice button - are you a button collector by any chance? There is a reason for my question