Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finally some knitting

mushroom rattle
I started on a few baby things over the weekend to distract me from the endless stockinette of my top. First I made the toadstool rattle by purl bee. It's a great quick little pattern. The rattle itself is a cat toy ball thingy -very clever. Blue has been really enjoying playing with this so I just might have to make a few more! It's also a great way to use up sock yarn scraps. Now all I have to do is finish some socks so I can use the scraps for more mushrooms.
baby ribbed cardigan
After I finished the rattle I started in on this little ribbed cardigan that is knit from right sleeve to left. Another clever idea. I picked some sock yarn out of my stash for this project purchased from Kellie's destash, it's zen string loopy legends 'southwest sunset'. The colours seemed gender neutralish enough for me, but then started pooling pink. Ugh! Of all the colours to pool! I offset the yarn just a touch and may have taken care of the issue... I hate making more ends to sew it, but to avoid pink pools I'll do it!

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Kellie said...

I ahve been looking at those funky little rattles - yours is fab (and I have a ton of Vesper, as we know!). Nice save on the pink too - looks pretty neutral to me!