Wednesday, June 24, 2009

handspun baby knits

This little gem is my most recent baby sweater. I used two different handspun yarns (one I was just able to eek out enough yardage)  and it's name is February Baby Sweater.

I had enough of the darker yarn to get two of these little aviatrix hats knit up in 2 sizes, the first one seemed just a bit small. Now all they need are some buttons! I picked some out but not sure if I like them or not, may have to double check and make sure there isn't anything better out there.

And this beauty was gifted to me by stella down in dunedin. She used some beautiful handspun perendale and it is oh so soft and lovely.

The immenent arrival of bubs is drawing nearer. I have less then 4 weeks of work left and have enough annual leave to take fridays off for those remaining weeks - hurray for 4 day work weeks!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, all of it!

Not long now..... :)

ily said...

even though i now move in slow motion ;-) waddle waddle waddle

Jan said...

just beautiful