Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Puttin' the hurt on

Nothing like a sleeping baby to put the hurt on gettin' stuff done! Without a baby in the house you can always put off chores/things you want done until you feel like doing them. But with the bebes around it's important to do those things while she sleeps. And you never can tell just how long those naps are going to be. When you think it's going to be a long one it's not and when you think it will just be a little one... she sleeps for 4 hours!!! That was impressive. I did so many little jobs today that I had been putting off, then I'd check on her... another job and check, you get the idea. I eventually just sat down, relaxed and did some knitting. Gotta love naps that are long enough to accomplish household tasks and sit down and knit!

This morning we had a plunket class and the little munch wore her halloween costume that grandma sent over. Sadly she was the only baby in costume. Kiwis really need to get into the spirit of halloween because babies in costumes are so darn cute! This is what she looked like before the 4 hour nap.


maepress said...

heh, no wonder she needed a nap!

Just remember to occasionally scrap it all and sleep when she does. You deserve it!

Simone said...

Yeah, but Halloween in spring. Weird i tell ya. I can see why its such a big thing in USA, fall is PERFECT its like one last party before the weather is just icky.