Saturday, November 07, 2009

Back in the saddle

After 11 months, I pulled on my cycling gear (it was a bit tight!) and got back on my bike. The main hurdle was psychological and although it was only a short ride, hopefully now it will be easier to do on a regular basis. And if that happens... maybe the cycling gear (and the rest of my clothes) will get easier to pull on!

(The bottom one is mine, the top one is blue's fixie)

Earlier today I had a difficult time getting the munchkin into the little blue sky alpacas sweater I knit well before she was even a twinkle. And then later when I took it off she was pretty upset at how difficult it was to get over her ever growing head! (I think it grew over the few hours she was wearing the sweater) When I got back from my ride I sat down and took out the bind-off and the last row and cast-off again with larger needles, hoping it was large enough to get over said head. Then I remembered a surprisingly stretchy bind-off I heard about on the new New Zealand knitting postcast with grannyg. So of course while I had the gumption I took out the bind-off again and tried the new stretchy version. And it worked (not surprisingly ;-) I tried it on her head and there was loads of room! Now she can get more than two wears out of it. Hoo-rah!

(this is the original neck... couldn't be bothered to try to get a photo of the new one without daylight)


Amy said...

That's a cool bike rack. What kind is it? The hubby and I need something for our three bikes.

maepress said...

Head! Pants now!

Do you have a bike seat for the little one? You guys will definitely it. I miss ours sooooooo much.

Simone said...

yay bikes! I fell off mine on thursday.. over the handlebars bruising and scrapes only thankfully. Although gear cable now needs replacing.. stinko. i love that bind off! Use it on socks (well the ONE pair of socks i have ever knitted)

Simone said...

That actually sounds pretty bad! I meant to be encouraging about the biking thing! The real story is i was on my Mountain bike going down tricky curving rocky hilly thing i should not of been biking that day (as i was have funny issues with balance... mmmm) but i didn't listen to my inner brain saying "noooooo". So yer... biking is good and healthy if you don't try to do silly things like me.

grannyg said...

wow! somebody learned something from me! ;-)
lovely wee jersey, be very toasty

ily said...

lol thanks simone, i went again today... that's twice now ;-) hmmm looking like a weekend thing. hope your scrapes heal soon.

amy - the bike rack is from torpedo 7 I think.

grannyg - i indeed did, thanks for the suggestion! :D