Sunday, December 27, 2009

santa's little helper

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. We spent the christmas day with friends and their family. It was close to the beach and after dinner and relaxing conversation we went for a stroll in the sand and took a few turns on the flying fox (both of which should be christmas traditions if you ask me). Then on boxing day we video chatted to the families back home that were gathered for xmas.

I wanted to get little girl handmade gifts this year (you know before she starts wanting all the mass produced crap from china that her friends have). So just before xmas I did a swap with miss millie. I made her some handspun yarn and she sent me one of her cute monkeys. She wanted something green so I dyed up some merino and it looked like this:

As I was spinning it, it looked so pretty and striped on the bobbin just for a little bit.

I really liked the final product, a nice light semi-felted single. I named it Usnea because it looks like lichen.

And here are the handmade gifts: Millie the monkey (blue named her...), Nicola the handmade doll (because she is a ginger, like our friend Nicola), and some soft cotton grapes for chewing (okay these are mass produced, but still handmade by some co-operative thingy). I got the doll on felt from poppetto.

Here is little girl opening her first present on christmas morning! What a sweet little elf!


maepress said...

I was wondering about the doll, it looks so sweet! That yarn is super yummy, if you want more handmade toys I'd be happy to do a swap!!

ily said...

I'm always up for a swap. I have a little louisville pile building for you and skatergirl anyway. Colour preferences for some yarn?

maepress said...

I'm happy with any color - no preference!

Do you have a toy preference?

ily said...

monsters and robots come to mind... but that's just a thought ;-) hmmm maybe i'll fire up the dye pot while the little one is napping now.