Tuesday, January 12, 2010

(first) road trip! (with baby)

We took our first road trip with baby, it was a whole new way to travel!

Packed up the car with baby and all her gear and headed down to Dunedin.
Had a bit of a walk around the city in the evening. The next morning packed up again and headed to the Catlin Coast via Milton. Stopped by the illustrious Mill, but...
so i fed my baby on the front steps instead of shopping... almost the same thing :(The Catlin Coast was beautiful. We spent a few nights there, saw lots of pretty sights and tried to stay dry - it rained off and on for 3 days (and we forgot an umbrella).

Here are just a few of the things we saw.

a sea lion resting in Surat Bay:
the southern most sheep on the south island (slope point):
southern most sleeping baby on the south island:
some pretty little nuggets at nugget point:

(photos 2,4,5 &8 were taken by blue. you're my boy blue, you're my boy)


maepress said...

yes he's quite a photographer - they are drool worthy and lovely. I especially love the last one.

ily said...

it's true, he has a lot more patience with the camera. i just default to green mode most of the time and it tends to work okay... but if the light gets a little funny i get in trouble. i have a new little point-and-shoot coming my way soon! can't wait to take HD videos! :D