Monday, February 01, 2010

Sleep... or lack there of

I've been back to work now for a couple of weeks. It has been going pretty well. Although I wouldn't have chosen to be back at work yet I recognize its many benefits, the driving one being of the financial variety (and yes I'm well aware that most moms in the states don't have the luxury to even have as much time as I've had, doesn't make it any easier though).

So yeah it has been going well, the set up is really great. Little girl is just across the street from my building and I go to visit/feed her 3 times a day. If she is sleeping at the scheduled time they give me a call and if she gets hungry before the scheduled time they give me a call too. Also, I'm only back 1/2 time so she is only at daycare 2 full days and then blue watches her for 1 afternoon.
The first week I wound up with a cold (of course!), but little girl seemed to only be mildly affected. I also noticed that all the little kids had crusty snot noses, which finally today she has wound up with. I hope it doesn't last too long and that the snot nose kid thing isn't a permanent fixture at the daycare. Blue and I are still battling the tail end of this cold (well I hope it's the tail end... it has to be!). And lately little girl hasn't been sleeping too well. I guess it's due to her learning new skills and also she's been having a bit of a growth spurt. She keeps waking up and wanting to play at like 3 or 4 am and then getting stuck in the bars of her crib. It's really exhausting.

She seems to know when I have to go to work and chooses those nights to be up for hours on end...

I've been battling with trying to decide if we should do the 'family bed' thing which seems to keep her happy as long as I don't try to move her back to her own bed, or if I should just get some bumpers on her crib and let her resettle herself in the night (leaving feeding as a last resort). From what I can tell this could just be a phase. I'll leave it at least another week I guess and see if things calm down.Look at how sweet and peaceful she is when she's sleeping! (in our bed...)


Kellie said...

hey chickie, we did family bed from 6 months when o decided he was never sleeping in his cot again and I just got too exhausted to argue, lol. It has been one of our greatest pleasures in parenting. yes, yu have to be creative about 'other' things, and getting them back in their own beds can take a while - but let's face it, who wouldn't rather be snuggled between their two favourite people in the world, warm and safe? And the little buggers always wake up happy, and it's infectious :o)

Simone said...

Sounds pretty hard out! Sorry i cant offer my take.. cause yeah, i don't know much about that sorta thing. Here is a big support web hug tho... HUG. :)
Hope to catch up soon...

kiwimam said...

Hi babe! The sleeping (or not sleeping) thing is probably the hardest thing to deal with - you are so not alone! Be creative with sleeping, and know that even if she sleeps with you now, that doesn't mean she will always want to/need to sleep with you in even 6 months time. (The little buggers love to surprise you!) When our second baby was about this age she slept the first part of the night in her cot, and when she woke I just plonked her into bed with us for the rest of the night (so sweet waking with them). Our first baby? Let's just say I feel sorry for her.
Do what feels right for you, and while the experts say don't sleep with baby, I think it's ok unless you're a really heavy sleeper, drunk, or otherwise drugged out of your mind (even cold/flu medication for eg), or in a really bad head-space. I feel naughty supporting co-sleeping because of all the bad press it gets - but you know what is right for you.
It's ok to make it up as you go along and it WILL get better.
Don't get me started on snotty nosed kids at day care / kindy / pre-school etc. I think I have a germ related OCD because of that!

ily said...

Hi guys, thanks for your support and advice. Last night went a little better and much sleep was had by all! :D Hurray for restful nights!!!