Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another breeder/blog neglector

Seems I've turned into a blog neglector. I used to follow a few blogs that fell by the wayside after babies were born. Here I thought that having a baby would be a great excuse to stock one's blog with gorgeous baby crafts and pics. Turns out having a baby takes up a lot of time and energy. Never would have thought that! I used to do a moderate amount of blogging while at my work desk, it was a great thing to do when my brain needed a little rest. But since returning to the states, I have no work desk. That is not a complaint. I am loving every minute of my stay-at-home momness.

Regardless of employment, when you are a parent having time to knit (or participate in any hobby) is a huge accomplishment. It seems that the photographing and writing about it go by the wayside. Such is life. Some day I may blog more regularly. I have been doing a bit of knitting, a few hats, a scarf, finished some socks I started long ago. I would really like to get some xmas knitting done (a stocking for the little girl is at the top of the list) and I long to spin something luscious.
A month and a half ago little girl turned one and we had a fine party in the park. I made her a cute princess hat and tutu to match her cupcake shirt (which incidentally matched the cupcakes I made). The green leaves are now gone and cool autumn weather will so on set in (we are really enjoying the nice warm days though). Before you know it the snow will be flying and hopefully the knitting needles along with it!


Kate said...

For a moment there your post heading had me thinking you had another one on the way! Looks like you all enjoyed the party - especially the birthday girl.

ily said...

no no no, just the one for me for now, thank you very much! :)

maepress said...

stop neglecting! come back!

Martha said...

hey cuz... long time no talk. hope you're well, drop me a line sometime if you want to catch up!