Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mac and Mabel

This is the new mac I have been talking about. It is lots of fun and the photobooth and video making programs have been a hit with almost everyone... everyone who isn't camera shy.

The midwest treated me well and blue and I attended a sizable catholic wedding in the twin cities. It was lots of fun and I enjoyed getting glammed up for a change.

Since getting back on Sunday a kitty has adopted us and our porch chair. She seemed pretty hungry (she ate a pretzel that I dropped) so I picked up some cat food. Turns out I should have gotten a little higher quality food because her gas is a little out of hand. If she continues to stick around (and I don't see her going anywhere any time soon) I will have to pick up a little healthier cuisine for her. I decided that this little mug of her's looks like a Mabel, so Mabel it is.

This morning Blue got a rude awakening to a cat fight outside. Turns out mean gray cat (she terrorizes all the neighborhood kitties) had completely poled her up one of the support beams of our apartment complex- to the roof... She was hanging by her claws 2 stories off the ground with mean gray cat below. She was pretty shook up, but has managed to survive the day in order to terrorize us with her gas.

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