Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A dearly missed 4th of July :(

I missed the 4th of July this year. There were no boca brats, potato chips, fire works, sparklers or alcoholic binges this year. There was also no hot weather or swimming either. Ah, but there was one good thing this year - a job! I had an interview in the morning and was offered the job in the afternoon. It is only a part time position, but comes with some good perks. Now instead of blue working in my lab on projects similar to mine, I will be working in his department on projects similar to his! Should be fun and I am excited to work on invasive species stuff since I never have before! I will still keep my cafe job which will be good for the bank account!

In other recent events, we have found a bigger apartment, in a more central location. It is not too far from the beach, at the base of the hill (at the top of which are hiking and biking trails), and it is a lot closer to the city center. We will now have to commute into Lincoln for work, but it is so boring here, I think it will be worth it. We move in 3 weeks and I am very excited about the prospect of having a bathtub and a garden :)

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