Tuesday, June 26, 2007

British Comedy, FUNNY?

This weekend Blue and I did a little touring around Christchurch. We happened by a park that had some sort of historical/cultural event going on. There was food, people in costumes, and pinwheels. We tried a kabob and did a little people watching. The pic to the left is some weird clock downtown. Doesn't it look like two completely different pieces? (not to mention that building in the background) Maybe it is, I didn't stop to see if there was public indication of it. Oh, and I took it while I was driving :D (much to blue's chagrin).

I have also discovered a hilarious british comedy tv show (yeah I know sounds like an oxymoron). It is called Man Stroke Woman and is a skit show (much funnier than SNL). I wasn't able to watch the clips on the official page. But youtube has some great clips. This is one of my fave's.

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