Thursday, June 07, 2007

if you ever wondered

how to make a 'beverage can stove' go here. Oh wikihow, how great you are. There's lots of great stuff on there, I can see myself wasting a lot of time learning how to do/make stuff that I will never make.

So despite the one girl that works once a week trying to boss me around on the day that she is there, my little barista job is working out pretty well. I have been picking up extra shifts, making delicious coffees, and I even got paid time and half on monday for the "queen's birthday" (which is supposedly actually in april...) In order to make up for the extra pay that employees get, we had to charge the customers an extra 10% on all purchases. It was weird, but luckily easy math (the registers aren't capable of it apparently). Oh and also, since I work the closing shift, I get to take home lots of food that doesn't get sold (like pies, bread and desserts). This also means, less grocery shopping for me. Hurray! I hate grocery shopping here, it is so stressful. On top of having to decide what to buy and what brand to choose, I have to decide if the item is worth the price (and everything just seems SO expensive!) So yeah! free food :D

Not much else has been going on here besides work. No knitting. However, blue gave me a gift certificate to a local knitting store. Maybe I'll pick out some inspirational yarn this weekend to get me going again.

Here is a picture of some trees to demonstrate how autumn like it is here. Very windy (and chilly) today.


elan said...

Strange I've never heard of a shop charging extra to cover wages on a statutory holiday, it wouldn't fly around here, they really should work that into their prices since that happen pretty predictably. Did you get many customer complaints?

thelizabeff said...

I would be way craftier if I had all the time in the world.

I just collage to save the effort of learning to do anything, period.

ily said...

elan- no customer complaints. I'm pretty sure it is typical here for holidays. If you want to go out to eat on a holiday, expect to pay more. Except for mcdonald's, they have a commercial stating they pay their employees time and half while not charging more. they also have mccafe's here (within the mcdonalds). i heard that mcdonalds was trying to compete with starbuck's , but mccafe???

Elizard- i will make you a beverage can stove in my extra time, i'm sure it will ship beautifully :D