Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A decade of birthdays

On Friday I will be 27 and was thinking about where I have spent the last 10 years on my birthday, here goes...

17th W.R.
18th Rhinie
19th Minneapolis
20th Madison or Canada (I can't recall)
21st Portugal
22nd Spain
23rd Madison
24th Rhinie
25th Rhinie (I think I was at home visiting)
26th Charleston
27th New Zealand!

There are a few internationals in there, but Rhinie wins. What can I say, mom makes a good cake!
Not sure what blue has planned for me this year, hopefully a nice dinner and maybe we'll go out for drinks (gasp!).


thelizabeff said...

Set me straight: should I wish you "Happy birfday" when it's your birfday HERE, or when it's your birfday THERE?

ily said...

both please :D

ily said...

er I mean boff pwease.

thelizabeff said...

Okay, then: HAPPY BIRFDAY!!!!!

I hope you and "blue" do something fun. Like drink. Drinking is fun. Or like play a game. what is the knee ready for these days? You could play ping pong. It's kinda like tennis. So is badminton. Or you could... not listen to me at all and just do exactly what you feel like doing cause it's your birfday!

You ahve the same birfday as my friend Bud (the one in the widmer beer commercial). For his birthday we're going rollerskating. You could go too, then it's like we're all going together! Sorry, can't stop giving directions

I'll tell you happy birthday again tomorrow.

thelizabeff said...

HAPPY BIRFDAY AGAIN! Okay, so it's technically June 2nd here, but I'm still up from June 1, so I think it should count. Bud says happy birfday. His birfday is your birfday.

For your birfday I got you a sunburn.

ily said...

thank you for the berfday sunburn, may have some aloe???