Thursday, May 24, 2007

On sports

Apparently there is a real sport called netball, it is not just something made-up by blue to mess with me. AND after looking into, it was invented in the states, but huge in NZ, australia, jamaica, britain and a few others. From what I can tell, blue summed up this sport best - sexist basketball. It is only played by women and there is no contact (or backboard) and consequently lots of whistles.
Rugby is another sport that is constantly on TV, it is kind of fun to watch because it is always just mayhem, but I still don't quite understand all the rules. I do like when they kick field goals while running and when they pass it to themselves by kicking it way ahead and then running after it.
I think my favorite new sport to watch is sailing, the americas cup has been going on in venice and the NZ team is in the semifinals so they cover it pretty well (it is on in the mornings when I am waking up).
The worst part about sports in NZ (besides having ones I don't care about dominate all the channels) is that I am not getting my full dose of tennis (or much at all). I only catch the outcomes on the news, apparently tennis isn't as popular here :(
Yeah, they really like their sports here, they are constantly on TV, as are infommercials for proactive and for whatever that work out thing is chuck norris totes.


maepress said...

they would leave out articles in Pittsburgh too... like "I need laid".
What do people eat for breakfast? (I never tire of hearing about other countries)
oh, and did you get to see the last episode of Gray's anatomy?

ily said...

no! gray's is on here, but right now it is on that ferry boat crash trilogy, so it is way behind :( i guess i'll see it eventually. for breakfast... um runny eggs and toast, or pancakes, or bagel sandwiches. that is what is for sale at almost all the cafes, nothing too unusual (except for the runniness of the eggs - ick)