Monday, May 28, 2007

After 21 years of education...

I am now learning to make the coffee that fueled me through the last years of that education, that's right I'm a barista. The place I am working at is only a few blocks from the house, so it is nice that I can walk. It is also a bakery/ pie shop (mostly of the meat and veggie variety) and I have already been given a bunch of food to bring home, which is pretty good. But blue and I decided that we will probably get fat if I keep bringing the stuff home. Not to worry, this is just a temporary means of bringing in some extra cash while I search for a more appropriate sciency position.

So the internet works differently. Ok the internet works the same I think, but how they charge you for it is different. We now pay per usage, how much we upload/download. We have 1G/month and after that it goes to dialup speed I guess. But I think we can change it so we just pay for high speed after our allotment, I don't really get it, but 1G of broadband here isn't any more than unlimited back home. However, I have to be more frugal with my usage, I already miss watching all my shows online :( That is also my explanation for lack of pics, I don't really know how much of the usage they will take up, but I know that it is way more than emails and text only blog entries (plus blue has all the pics on his computer).

I have been working on the smell of the house, thanks to a tip from my mom. I have been simmering diluted vineager and it has definately improved the house smell, but I think I could use some flowers or something with a good smell to at least temporarily overpower it completely.

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