Tuesday, May 22, 2007

10 observations in NZ:

1. Everything is expensive
2. People like to say cool (coo') A LOT
3. There are no dried beans in the grocery stores (or not the 3 that I have checked)
4. Cookies are called biscuits and come in strange varieties, like chocolate wheat
5. Tire is spelled tyre
6. Super markets have large sections of dog food rolls (think jimmy dean or gimme lean breakfast sausage)
7. There is no central heating, heat pumps are prevalent, but they aren't like the heat pumps in the south, usually just a unit in the main part of the house
8. There are a lot of americans here, A LOT
9. The only native mammals are bats (not kidding, check it out)
10. It is beautiful here!

this list is bound to get much larger, I can already think of at least five more off the top of my head. Instead of add them, I am going to post a pic of Lake Pukaki, a glacial lake from our weekend adventure

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