Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kiwi phrases, top 7 (cause that is all i can think of):

7: Good as gold (We have this saying in the states, but it isn't used at the same frequency as it is here)

6: Mate (yeah you've all heard this one, it mean friend, but is used constantly)

5: mmm (a low grumbly noise made in agreement)

4: Tartlet (a derogatory comment used between females)

3: Cheers (This word pretty much means anything, but mostly thanks and good bye)

2: Good onya (means "good for you" but is used much more casually and often than you would say good for you)

1: Ta (I just noticed this one yesterday, but then heard it nonstop. Maybe I was tuning it out before. Anyway it means "thanks" and I like it the best :) I asked where it originated from, but the kiwis I work with didn't know)

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Anonymous said...

what about "Heaps"? My Kiwi friend says she loves me heaps!!