Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some finished objects

I have a lot of finished knitted items to share. First and foremost is my favorite little elephant.
This guy is Elijah and he is fated for my boss' newborn boy - Owen James Eric.
side view stroll
This little hat goes with too. Hopefully it fits little Owen, cuz it's too big for elijah. baby hat stuffed with fiber on a mug
This wee crayfish is the one aforementioned. He was knit in 11 pieces, sewn together and hand felted. It was my first time for hand felting too. Usually I just chuck in the washer and check on it every so often. The hand felting actually pretty easy and I think I will use that method in the future for smallish items. He (or she...)is in Louisville now, enjoying the end of summer.
Another present that I made way back in June for my mom's birthday in July was the Clementine Shawlette. It was my first shawl, with a pretty simple lace pattern. The only tricky bit was the seam in the middle. I did my best with the kitchener stitch and blocking, but it was still evident. :/
And last night I finished these snicket socks. I made quite a few (probably unnecessary) changes to the original pattern. I used the heel flap heel instead of the short-row heel, I made the bottom of the foot in reverse stockinette instead of regular stockinette. And I changed the toe a bit to be a less pointy and more round.finished these suckers in 10 days!!! a miracle.
Now I'll probably try to finish up some other items I have going (4 things that I can think of right now) continue with my spinning and maybe (just maybe) start knitting something with something I've spun. But that sounds a bit silly to me!


Rebecca said...

did you enjoy the elephant knitting project? it's sort of on my list to make. and i love the socks, and shoes. what kind of shoes, please, ma'am, are you modeling?

ily said...

Thanks for stopping by! I did enjoy elijah, but he took a while. Mostly because I made him so small and it was extra fiddley. He is knit in one piece which I thought I liked cuz I hate sewing my knit items, but picking up those tiny stitches was no easy task either!
My shoes are my beloved campers. They are lovely comfortable and spanish (and give me just a little extra height!).

maepress said...

lovely, lovely, lovely!!! I want to make the clementine too. Those socks are just awesome.

ily said...

The Clementine was a nice knit. Simple lace pattern that was easily put to memory with yarn that wasn't so small that you would loose it! :D