Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Swap package for me!

A few months ago Maepress and I decided we would put swap packages together for each other. So I knitted and felted a little loony lobster for her and skatergirl and sent some funky kiwiana stuff that I hunted out a various gift shops. Today I received mine in the mail! I got oodles and oodles of kool-aid (for dying fiber and yarn) and kitchen cotton, that I requested (neither are available here). Some books! (which are quite "dear" here), some great stickers - including that fantastic one of Barack, a deery-lou lougage tag, AND a much needed and appreciated handmade tote in my favorite shade of poop brown!Skatergirl (she is 5) had a few questions about New Zealand 1) are there cats in New Zealand 2) do people have pets in New Zealand?
I would like to answer both of those questions with a photo of our neighbour's cat that I took this morning (she of course refused to look at the camera or was moving every time I took a picture). Also, that is a frozen dish of water (or simply a dish of ice) that she was licking at.


maepress said...

yay poop brown!
SG will be happy to hear that cats are omnipresent.

Rebecca said...

so much goodness in one package! i love bill bryson's writing. hope you enjoy the book. don't think i've read that one.

ily said...

I know my mom really enjoyed that book so I'm looking forward to it. Right now I'm getting into the other book - in the time of the butterflies. :D