Saturday, December 13, 2008

I was busy last weekend

This weekend... not so much. But last weekend, last weekend I realized that I needed to get all family xmas shopping/knitting done and in the mail in order for them to receive it (hopefully on time). And with the exception of one failed hat (which I may or may not cover later) I think everything was a success and I'm glad to have all the shopping over at such an early date!

Item number 1: the haruha scarf finally finished and blocked.

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I'm pleased with the turnout and hope the recipient enjoys it.

Item number 2: the promenade neckwarmer knit out merino/possum wool that is o soo snugly. I hope I have enough left over to make myself one!

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This item's finishing touches were the buttons that I received in a swap from Lyn in the UK. They went beautifully with this neckwarmer!

Item number 3: my improvised masculine neckwarmer. This was knit in moss stitch out of hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn. It was also finished off with buttons from Lyn!

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And item number 4: Tudora, an elizabethan collared neckwarmer. This one is also knit out of hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn. The yarn is a purposefully spun thick and thin and I really liked how it turned out and it knit up all texturey and nice.

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You may have noticed the neckwarmer theme! It was nice to find some patterns that had at least a little intricacy and were small enough that I could finish 3 of them and most of an ill-fated hat in 2 days. In addition to the knitting in those 2 days we also did all the shopping for the non-knitted gifts and watched the national cycling criterium here in Christchurch. I never thought I would enjoy watching a cycling race, but it was really neat to see some nzed Olympians. I was cheering for Hayden Roulston who got 4th.

With christmas knitting quickly behind me I've started a top for myself and knitting some stripey socks for a friend. One more week of work and then 2 weeks of vacation! I can't wait! We are headed to the north island for a tiki tour. So far we have done no planning for it... might need to get on that pretty soon.

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kiki said...

i love your neck warming idea. simply because it wont stop snowing here. they are all so cute!