Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some sweaters

Here are some sweaters I have made (in the last few months anyway):
Feb Lady Sweater

This is my first adult sweater! Sure it's lacy, on kinda big needles, and only has 3/4 sleeves, but a sweater's a sweater. The pattern is named February Lady Sweater, it's an adult version of an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern (February Baby Sweater - I'm thinkin' I'll be making one of these someday). I am pleased with how this cardi turned out and happy with my springy colour choice. Truth be told I totally made it to match the skirt in the picture and don't they look sweet together?

Next up is a teeny tiny little fly away cardigan that I started knitting for my boss' baby. Then he had a boy... So now it sits awaiting a baby girl to be gifted to. I used a pattern out of a cleckheaton pampletty booklet thingy. The patterns in it are cute, but soooo many small pieces. The small part is redeeming enough for me to knit them. But sewing that lacy edging on after sewing all the pieces together was a bit much.

bsj buttons

This last one is another Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. It is called the baby surprise jacket because it is knit flat and then you fold it up (very origami like) and sew two little seams. It's hard to know exactly where this knit is going until you are almost finished with it. This is my first handspun project. I used the roving I spun up from maude & me. She's got a gorgeous green and pink one up right now! Yum! For a picture of the whole sweater click here.

I would just like to say that E Zed sure was a smart and innovative knitting lady. She's got some amazing/simple/beautiful patterns. They seem to be timeless as well. Funnily she only lived a few miles outside of 'craps' (where I went to high school) and had a knitting show on PBS which if I think really really hard about I might be able to vaguely remember.

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Jessicah said...

Hey Emily. LOVE your cardi! I've been wanting to make that red for summer bbqs. I always get put off by buying yarn though, and don't have the samina to spin it myself- I think it would be this time next year bfore I got round to wearing it!!!