Wednesday, July 22, 2009

0 days of work left

until i go back that is. Today is my first day on leave and so far it's pretty great. I woke up early due to a small munchkin in my belly pushing on my bladder. After some toast and coffee I saw blue off to work, took a small nap and did some cleaning up of the house. Yup pretty exciting.
The midwife came over for a checkup too, all is well in the belly. I didn't end up getting a 3D scan last week as bubs was too big to get a good shot and of course facing inward which is good, just not for getting a nice shot of the little face.

A month or so ago it seemed like I had been pregnant FOREVER, but now that feeling of doom (and excitement) is setting in. Sh*t I'm gonna have a baby soon! Then we'll have a whole new set of issues to deal with. Bring it on I say. But give me at least a week to get some more nesting and readying of the house done. Like many first time moms I will probably go 2 weeks past my due date and be griping to get this thing out of me. I would like to deliver around the due date or a week before would be good I think.

Here is a pic of the bebe in my belly from 14 weeks ago! Yikes. The star is a bit bigger now, the outline not so thick. I think this afternoon I will take a walk and do some knitting, not necessarily in that order.


maepress said...

You'll know it's getting close when you start feeling totally fed up with the whole thing. It's funny how your brain knows things before you do. :)

Chanin said...

I stumbled on your blog today and I'm so happy! Today is my first day of maternity leave, believe it or not, and I've cleaned, sorted, etc. and, now, of course, getting ready for serious baby knitting. I need baby leg warmers!!! I'm due on Wed (yes, crazy Americans!).
Good luck to you and here's hoping we can both enjoy these last few days (weeks?) without going insane with anticipation!!

ily said...

chanin - how exciting! have you 'popped' yet? I've definitely been enjoying my home time :D Not missing work at all. Good luck!