Wednesday, August 05, 2009

things in the oven

Being off work has been great. I'm averaging at least 1 nap/day, have had time to cook yummy meals, finish knitting projects, and I've learned to bake bread! I have started with a really simple no knead recipe, it isn't instantly gratifying (much like the other 'baking' I've had in the oven) but it isn't time consuming at all and the results are pretty stunning for how simple it is. So simple a 4 year old can do it. For last night's dinner I altered the recipe by using half whole wheat flour, it made the crust nice and crispy while keeping the inside soft and moist!I have also finished and blocked the baby chalice blanket. It looks great and matches my vintage rocking chair beautifully. I wish it were a little bigger so that I could use it for a lap blanket, but it is a perfect size for a bassinet or stroller. It's probably a good thing that it is smallish otherwise mom would probably steal it!And I finished knitting the toy kiwi that I started a while back. My major pause in the project was not knowing what eyes to put on. I finally decided on some handmade felt ones and stitched them on. I have named him Ringo after the kiwi that I got to meet last week in the bush.

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